Learn TensorFlow for free.

Below a list of free resources to learn TensorFlow: TensorFlow website: www.tensorflow.org Udacity free course: www.udacity.com Google Cloud Platform: cloud.google.com Coursera free course: www.coursera.org Machine Learning with TensorFlow by Nishant Shukla : www.tensorflowbook.com ‘First Contact With TensorFlow’ by Prof. JORDI TORRES: jorditorres.org  or you can order from Amazon: First Contact With Tensorflow Kadenze Academy: www.kadenze.com OpenShift: blog.openshift.com Tutorial by pkmital : github.com Tutorial by HyunsuLee : github.com Tutorial by orcaman : github.com Stanford CS224d: Lecture 7 Was the above useful? Please share with others on social media. If you want to look for more information, check some free online courses available at   coursera.org, edx.org or udemy.com. Recommended reading […]

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